Ancient History

In a time long before Tarika was conceived, a people known as the Ancients were settling the land, building cities and spreading across the landscape. No one knows where the came from, nor where they have gone. In fact, Tarika and its people no longer remember these people. Only in the dusty volumes in the coveted Illumian libraries of the best hidden enclaves contain any knowledge of them. These stories tell of Illumian servants and human slaves, and a rebellion that ended it all. With that, the Ancients vanished for good, leaving a hated legacy, soon to be forgotten and ignored. However, when a whisper of the Ancients, and perhaps more importantly, their power, reaches the ears of a small-time lord in a backwater village called Brentith, the aspiring lord sends a party to investigate, starting with the last known Illumian cabal hidden deep in the Eastern Mountains, and ending with a challenge much more difficult than they could have imagined.

The Legacy of the Ancients

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