The Legacy of the Ancients

Helping The Duskwatchers

Rinday, Octen 32, 1028

After intense negotiations (see below), our party agrees to help the Duskwatcher cabal of Illumians by defeating a band of mercenaries that has taken up residence in an abandoned Illumian enclave to the north of the Duskwatcher Enclave.


what we wanted – some gold, some items — just to help us take on 100 mercs, of course — and maybe some holecakes for Wot; and any information on “ancient artifacts” they might have hidden in their library…

what we got – no gold, promises of information when we return victoriously from the fray, six Illumian warriors to help with the upcoming battle, and the following items for our party members:

  • Orrin: a scroll of some kind
  • Vanessa: a powerful bow (enchanted?)
  • Kyr: a greatsword (also enchanted?)
  • Arahael: suit of armor (also enchanted?)
  • Masyu: an ordinary-looking pack (quite enchanted) and a special shuriken (also enchanted)
  • Wot: a box of a dozen special holecakes with the following properties: For 1 hour after consuming a holecake, the consumer gains +1 Charisma, +1 AC (to protect holecakes), +1 to hit after taking damage (after all, the enemy “should no hit holecake!!!”)
Some shared information about the mercenaries’ hideout:

As mentioned previously, the mercs are inhabiting an old Illumian enclave to the north. The Illumians in that enclave were from the Gibber cabal, and the Gibbers preferred underground fortresses instead of mountain-side ones, like the Duskwatchers. The Gibbers in this enclave were attacked by a band of mercenaries fourteen years ago and neither the Gibbers nor the attacking merc band were ever seen or heard from again. Within the last year, a new band of mercs has claimed this old enclave as a base of operations. The enclave has three levels, the top two levels used for defense. Expect mazes and traps (maybe even undead?).

As I write this, it occurs to me that there could be some information regarding the “ancient artifacts” buried in the rubble somewhere in this enclave. We need to be on the lookout for signs of this.

The journey north…

After the items have been given, the party – consisting of Orrin, Kyr, Vanessa, Masyu, Arahael, Wot and six Duskwatcher Illumians – leaves to take on the mercs. A day and a half later, they stop just outside a small valley leading to the enclave. It is now the evening of Windsday, Octen 33, 1028.

Entering the Mountains

Gonday, Octen 29, 1028

Beginning party makeup: Wot, Masyu, Kir (guard 2), Vanessa (ranger), Orrin, Arahael, Simel (Egg-man), Marin (mushroom-head man)

Arahael is revealed to be an elf and is a party member. Marin no longer leans against his horse moaning, but sits up looking around.

While traveling on a narrow path through the forest, the party was attacked by a massive bug.

The bug was killed and no party members were lost. Three hundred gold pieces were found at the bottom of the hole the bug came up out of. Wot and Arahael jumped down into the hole, discovering a tunnel. Wot led the way into the tunnel and found bupkis, a.k.a. thbbbbt.

Back on the trail, Orrin confers with the prisoner.

Sunday, Octen 30, 1028

Masyu, Orrin and Vanessa set out walking through the woods. They encounter a pathway/ramp up a mountain, with a large natural shelf set into the wall. The shelf is well above the treetops through which the party walked. Orrin indicates that the party needs to enter the compound they’ve just encountered. The shelf is surrounded with a solid wall, broken by a single gate. Masyu (and only Masyu at this point) has learned that Orrin and company is searching for an ancient artifact of power, of which they have no details. Marin lives in this compound and he is to be used as a bargaining chip to learn what they know about the artifact as it is believed the aforementioned artifact belonged to them, is connected to them somehow or that they created the artifact.

Monday, Octen 31, 1028

The entire party goes up the ramp. Illumian guy tells us all sorts of stuff.

The party met with 9 elders of the Duskwatcher cabal, possibly the last cabal of the Illumians. Over the past 100 years, the Illumian population has suffered from internal stirfe, troll attacks, bad weather and attacks from neighboring (across the mountains) Folgrim.

Thousands of years ago, the ancients used some non-existent race as slaves.

‘Place of Coming’ is their term for an ancient city that was sealed after the Duskwatcher cabal left.

There is a mercenary band north of the cabal, just under 100 members strong, that the Duskwatcher cabal has asked us to help eliminate.

The Journey's Dawn

Windsday, Octen 24, 1028

Having accepted their respective offers, Wot and Masyu arrive at the gate at dawn, joining a party with an old man, Simel, and 5 guards, one of which is a woman, all led by Orrin. They set out from Brentith and after two days’ journey, stop to camp outside of Ielen.

Drisday, Octen 26, 1028

Orrin goes to town with one guard.

Masyu completed Lost Sword quest.

Wot acquires ‘hole-cake’ from the bakery.

That evening, Orrin returns from town with five others, one of whom was being carried. They entered a tent. Masyu sneaks behind the tent and overhears the following:

“You didn’t have to treat him that way.”
“I had no choice, we needed the information.”
“mumble mumble mumble”
“We will report back to Gadin for you.”

Three of them returned to their horses and left.

Care of the apparently injured man continues. Orrin leaves the tent.

Masyu continues to try to listen. The guards inside the tent call out, “Stop him!”

Wot and Masyu see a figure about 180 feet away. Wot gives chase but Vanessa, a ranger chick, fells the figure. Wot drags the human male back to camp.

Sarsday, Octen 27, 1028

Orrin addresses the party as preparations are made to depart, emphasizing there are two prisoners traveling with the party. The goal is a fortress/city in the mountains. Orrin is uncertain of how far the trip will be or how long it will take to get there but guesses 4 or 5 days. The general direction is ENE.

Masyu overhears Vanessa report that the group is being followed. Orrin orders her to assemble an ambush and then report back to him.

After a full day of travel, the party makes camp.

Freday, Octen 28, 1028

After traveling the day, camp was made. The party was attacked during the night, costing us three guards. We killed four lizardfolk and found each to have a similar-appearing insignia on their shields. The final lizardfolk that was killed also carried a pouch that bore the same insignia. It contained notes that were indecipherable to the party.

Gonday, Octen 29, 1028

Final party makeup: Wot, Masyu, Kir (guard 2), Vanessa (ranger), Orrin, Arahael, Simel (Egg-man), Marin (mushroom-head man)

The Gathering
From Far Away

Arahael investigates around town, listens for rumors in the tavern, and looks at records at the Town Guard. Arahael sets out to investigate the locations he heard about. All of his findings seem to lead to the NE. Another rumor has it that Gadin is putting together a party which seems to be going that way as well. Arahael seeks out the party leader Orrin wanting to go as another guard but is turned down. He then goes out at night sneaking around the city and ends up going into the warehouse district because it is suspiciously under guard. He ends up killing a guard as he tries to escape and is eventually put in jail. He overhears the guards tell where the party is headed and that they are leaving that morning. Arahael slips through his cell bars and battles his way past his jailors. He then retrieves his confiscated items and heads to the outer walls. He stabs a short-sword (taken from one of the soldiers) into the wooden walls and uses it as a foothold to get over the walls. However, his previous wounds and newly acquired ones coupled with the 15 foot drop are too much to bear and he falls unconscious in the forest outside the walls. He wakes up later and heads to Ielen to find the party and gets there just before they do. He is then captured sneaking about their camp but after they lose 3 of their soldiers in a fight against marauding Lizard-folk Orrin decides they need all the help they can get.

Masyu spends his time looking into a missing sword. After much clever maneuvering, he finds success which is followed by an offer; a harder mystery, with a bigger reward.

Wot loves to fight, and enters a tournament for gold… and for fun. After much success, he is approached with an offer; more fighting, and more gold.

The Whispers
Before the Party

Gadin got a report from one of his men of the faintest of rumors, of a source of power that would be unmatched in this world. He quickly sent more men to investigate, but for years, they came up with nothing. Only on the outskirts of the mountains was one of the agents successful. He managed to retrieve an artifact, a set of bracelets, and return them to Gadin.
After much testing and experimentation with Gadin’s few magicians on the unwary homeless of Brentith, they found that the bracelets were indeed magical, and indeed reacted to magic, but not any magic that they knew. They also discovered that once put on, the bracelets would not come off. Although the magicians theorized that the same magic that activated them could remove them, there was only one way to remove them for sure: kill the unfortunate one wearing them.
Gadin knew that a magic this powerful could be what he had been waiting for, and he began calling his agents back to Brentith. He knew his power at the moment was little, and that he needed his agents in Brentith, but he also needed some agents to go and retrieve the source of power for him. Short-handed, he began to look for other options to achieve his goals…


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