The Legacy of the Ancients

Entering the Mountains

Gonday, Octen 29, 1028

Beginning party makeup: Wot, Masyu, Kir (guard 2), Vanessa (ranger), Orrin, Arahael, Simel (Egg-man), Marin (mushroom-head man)

Arahael is revealed to be an elf and is a party member. Marin no longer leans against his horse moaning, but sits up looking around.

While traveling on a narrow path through the forest, the party was attacked by a massive bug.

The bug was killed and no party members were lost. Three hundred gold pieces were found at the bottom of the hole the bug came up out of. Wot and Arahael jumped down into the hole, discovering a tunnel. Wot led the way into the tunnel and found bupkis, a.k.a. thbbbbt.

Back on the trail, Orrin confers with the prisoner.

Sunday, Octen 30, 1028

Masyu, Orrin and Vanessa set out walking through the woods. They encounter a pathway/ramp up a mountain, with a large natural shelf set into the wall. The shelf is well above the treetops through which the party walked. Orrin indicates that the party needs to enter the compound they’ve just encountered. The shelf is surrounded with a solid wall, broken by a single gate. Masyu (and only Masyu at this point) has learned that Orrin and company is searching for an ancient artifact of power, of which they have no details. Marin lives in this compound and he is to be used as a bargaining chip to learn what they know about the artifact as it is believed the aforementioned artifact belonged to them, is connected to them somehow or that they created the artifact.

Monday, Octen 31, 1028

The entire party goes up the ramp. Illumian guy tells us all sorts of stuff.

The party met with 9 elders of the Duskwatcher cabal, possibly the last cabal of the Illumians. Over the past 100 years, the Illumian population has suffered from internal stirfe, troll attacks, bad weather and attacks from neighboring (across the mountains) Folgrim.

Thousands of years ago, the ancients used some non-existent race as slaves.

‘Place of Coming’ is their term for an ancient city that was sealed after the Duskwatcher cabal left.

There is a mercenary band north of the cabal, just under 100 members strong, that the Duskwatcher cabal has asked us to help eliminate.


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