The Legacy of the Ancients

Helping The Duskwatchers

Rinday, Octen 32, 1028

After intense negotiations (see below), our party agrees to help the Duskwatcher cabal of Illumians by defeating a band of mercenaries that has taken up residence in an abandoned Illumian enclave to the north of the Duskwatcher Enclave.


what we wanted – some gold, some items — just to help us take on 100 mercs, of course — and maybe some holecakes for Wot; and any information on “ancient artifacts” they might have hidden in their library…

what we got – no gold, promises of information when we return victoriously from the fray, six Illumian warriors to help with the upcoming battle, and the following items for our party members:

  • Orrin: a scroll of some kind
  • Vanessa: a powerful bow (enchanted?)
  • Kyr: a greatsword (also enchanted?)
  • Arahael: suit of armor (also enchanted?)
  • Masyu: an ordinary-looking pack (quite enchanted) and a special shuriken (also enchanted)
  • Wot: a box of a dozen special holecakes with the following properties: For 1 hour after consuming a holecake, the consumer gains +1 Charisma, +1 AC (to protect holecakes), +1 to hit after taking damage (after all, the enemy “should no hit holecake!!!”)
Some shared information about the mercenaries’ hideout:

As mentioned previously, the mercs are inhabiting an old Illumian enclave to the north. The Illumians in that enclave were from the Gibber cabal, and the Gibbers preferred underground fortresses instead of mountain-side ones, like the Duskwatchers. The Gibbers in this enclave were attacked by a band of mercenaries fourteen years ago and neither the Gibbers nor the attacking merc band were ever seen or heard from again. Within the last year, a new band of mercs has claimed this old enclave as a base of operations. The enclave has three levels, the top two levels used for defense. Expect mazes and traps (maybe even undead?).

As I write this, it occurs to me that there could be some information regarding the “ancient artifacts” buried in the rubble somewhere in this enclave. We need to be on the lookout for signs of this.

The journey north…

After the items have been given, the party – consisting of Orrin, Kyr, Vanessa, Masyu, Arahael, Wot and six Duskwatcher Illumians – leaves to take on the mercs. A day and a half later, they stop just outside a small valley leading to the enclave. It is now the evening of Windsday, Octen 33, 1028.


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