The Legacy of the Ancients

The Journey's Dawn

Windsday, Octen 24, 1028

Having accepted their respective offers, Wot and Masyu arrive at the gate at dawn, joining a party with an old man, Simel, and 5 guards, one of which is a woman, all led by Orrin. They set out from Brentith and after two days’ journey, stop to camp outside of Ielen.

Drisday, Octen 26, 1028

Orrin goes to town with one guard.

Masyu completed Lost Sword quest.

Wot acquires ‘hole-cake’ from the bakery.

That evening, Orrin returns from town with five others, one of whom was being carried. They entered a tent. Masyu sneaks behind the tent and overhears the following:

“You didn’t have to treat him that way.”
“I had no choice, we needed the information.”
“mumble mumble mumble”
“We will report back to Gadin for you.”

Three of them returned to their horses and left.

Care of the apparently injured man continues. Orrin leaves the tent.

Masyu continues to try to listen. The guards inside the tent call out, “Stop him!”

Wot and Masyu see a figure about 180 feet away. Wot gives chase but Vanessa, a ranger chick, fells the figure. Wot drags the human male back to camp.

Sarsday, Octen 27, 1028

Orrin addresses the party as preparations are made to depart, emphasizing there are two prisoners traveling with the party. The goal is a fortress/city in the mountains. Orrin is uncertain of how far the trip will be or how long it will take to get there but guesses 4 or 5 days. The general direction is ENE.

Masyu overhears Vanessa report that the group is being followed. Orrin orders her to assemble an ambush and then report back to him.

After a full day of travel, the party makes camp.

Freday, Octen 28, 1028

After traveling the day, camp was made. The party was attacked during the night, costing us three guards. We killed four lizardfolk and found each to have a similar-appearing insignia on their shields. The final lizardfolk that was killed also carried a pouch that bore the same insignia. It contained notes that were indecipherable to the party.

Gonday, Octen 29, 1028

Final party makeup: Wot, Masyu, Kir (guard 2), Vanessa (ranger), Orrin, Arahael, Simel (Egg-man), Marin (mushroom-head man)



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