The Legacy of the Ancients

The Gathering

From Far Away

Arahael investigates around town, listens for rumors in the tavern, and looks at records at the Town Guard. Arahael sets out to investigate the locations he heard about. All of his findings seem to lead to the NE. Another rumor has it that Gadin is putting together a party which seems to be going that way as well. Arahael seeks out the party leader Orrin wanting to go as another guard but is turned down. He then goes out at night sneaking around the city and ends up going into the warehouse district because it is suspiciously under guard. He ends up killing a guard as he tries to escape and is eventually put in jail. He overhears the guards tell where the party is headed and that they are leaving that morning. Arahael slips through his cell bars and battles his way past his jailors. He then retrieves his confiscated items and heads to the outer walls. He stabs a short-sword (taken from one of the soldiers) into the wooden walls and uses it as a foothold to get over the walls. However, his previous wounds and newly acquired ones coupled with the 15 foot drop are too much to bear and he falls unconscious in the forest outside the walls. He wakes up later and heads to Ielen to find the party and gets there just before they do. He is then captured sneaking about their camp but after they lose 3 of their soldiers in a fight against marauding Lizard-folk Orrin decides they need all the help they can get.

Masyu spends his time looking into a missing sword. After much clever maneuvering, he finds success which is followed by an offer; a harder mystery, with a bigger reward.

Wot loves to fight, and enters a tournament for gold… and for fun. After much success, he is approached with an offer; more fighting, and more gold.


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