The Legacy of the Ancients

The Whispers
Before the Party

Gadin got a report from one of his men of the faintest of rumors, of a source of power that would be unmatched in this world. He quickly sent more men to investigate, but for years, they came up with nothing. Only on the outskirts of the mountains was one of the agents successful. He managed to retrieve an artifact, a set of bracelets, and return them to Gadin.
After much testing and experimentation with Gadin’s few magicians on the unwary homeless of Brentith, they found that the bracelets were indeed magical, and indeed reacted to magic, but not any magic that they knew. They also discovered that once put on, the bracelets would not come off. Although the magicians theorized that the same magic that activated them could remove them, there was only one way to remove them for sure: kill the unfortunate one wearing them.
Gadin knew that a magic this powerful could be what he had been waiting for, and he began calling his agents back to Brentith. He knew his power at the moment was little, and that he needed his agents in Brentith, but he also needed some agents to go and retrieve the source of power for him. Short-handed, he began to look for other options to achieve his goals…


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