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About Tarika

This is a database of information on Tarika and its geography, people, politics, history, places, culture, and many other aspects. It focuses mostly on aspects of Tarika that are vital to this campaign.

Little is known about the beginning of Tarika except that it was founded by humans many, many years ago. It has grown immensely over time, by natural expansion, voluntary assimilation (perhaps annexation works better?), and war. It is now the largest country on the Western side of the [Name] Mountains for a thousand leagues. It is an open country, with no laws against specific races, and unrestricted travel. Tarika is ruled by a King, and relies on trade with neighboring countries for income. Tarika lies directly to the West of the [Name] Mountains, near the Southern end of the chain. It extends West from the mountains [#] leagues, and spans [#] leagues from top to bottom. A Northern nation, winters are long and cold affairs, lasting about half the year, but summers, though brief, are beautiful with life and warmth, and are welcomed with festivals. Although the least ambitious of the local nations, Tarika is the largest, most successful country in the area.

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